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We use Clean Language to inspire capability in groups and individuals - and we can teach you to do this too. What would you like to have happen?

10 Ways to Get Started with Clean Language

Clean Language helps people to explore their own thinking in their own way, to uncover patterns that keep them stuck and to find their own creative solutions. Here are ten easy ways you can learn more about Clean Language, what it is and how it works...

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We'll be at the Quest Festival in July with David Grove's Whirly Gig - and would love to see you there! As well as a ride on the 'gig', you can meet Caitlin Walker who'll be exploring the conditions for collective trust, and Marian Way and Greta Irving who'll be introducing you to fascinating and powerful clean approaches.

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Be inspired by Caitlin's TEDx Talk

Watch Caitlin Walker's TEDx talk about how she uses Clean Language with groups.

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Upcoming events

Clean Language: Core Skills

11-13 and 20-22 August 2014
Portchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
With Marian Way, Caitlin Walker

Core Skills Pathway (Working with Individuals)

Starts with Clean Language: Core Skills on 11 August, 2014
Portchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
With Marian Way

Clean with Groups Teleseminar

12 August 2014 at 8pm GMT
With Caitlin Walker

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From the blog

How to Handle Difficult Conversations using the Karma Cycle

Published 21 July, 2014 by Marian Way

I was reading a recent article on the ILM website about how managers can deal with difficult conversations at work, when I came across this paragraph about how to deal with issues of poor performance: “The conversations that you have with the individual must be related to the behaviour of the individual and not the personal characteristics of the individual...

Meet the Team: Stuart Clark

Published 20 July, 2014 by Marian Way

For the second of our Meet the Team series, I spoke with Stuart Clark. Stuart is currently working on a Training Attention project which involves using Systemic Modelling with teenagers, and in September will be running our Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring with Sue Sharp.

On Listening

Published 20 July, 2014 by Marian Way

One of our associates, Keith Gregory, collects inspirational quotes and has been sending them out in occasional emails to his friends and acquaintances ever since I've known him. This morning, quote number 428 arrived in my inbox: “Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.” ~ Karl A. Menniger

What our customers say

"Something really big shifted for me. I realised I had spent a long time trying to be someone I wasn't. Now I am true to myself."
'Discover Your Assertive Self' participant
Discover Your Assertive Self

"I visited Marian because of an emotional problem I had that was affecting my marriage. I found Marian very understanding - we very quickly got to the source of my issues and I discovered ways of controlling and understanding the problem I have. I have found Marian's help invaluable."
Clean Coaching

"The venue and amenities were very conducive to the learning experience and it helped to have a very diverse group of participants who are experienced in Clean Language. I think that level of experience helps to shape the dynamics of the group, and the direction of the learning experience. I also liked: the constant feedback received from the trainers, and other participants; the modelling opportunities; the structure that allowed me to achieve the outcome I set for myself; the after-class sessions; the closing which was very powerful. I appreciated all the things that happened in the background to make it a comfortable and at the same time challenging training... the food was great, the ambience wonderful, the trainers had a good dynamic and were very supportive and congruent, all materials were ready, accessible, available,and there was enough space to interact, reflect and do our own things."
Rona Ptschelinzew
Train the Clean Trainer