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We use Clean Language to inspire capability in groups and individuals - and we can teach you to do this too. What would you like to have happen?

10 Ways to Get Started with Clean Language

Clean Language helps people to explore their own thinking in their own way, to uncover patterns that keep them stuck and to find their own creative solutions. Here are ten easy ways you can learn more about Clean Language, what it is and how it works...

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Learn Clean Interviewing

Clean Interviewing has been used with the police, corporate clients, students, whole staff teams, research projects, recruitment, assessment centres, appraisals, mediation and conflict resolution. With over 10 years of experience, we're now putting together the first training in Clean Interviewing. This consists of 2 days of clean interview principles, live practice, coaching in-the-moment and application.

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Be inspired by Caitlin's TEDx Talk

Watch Caitlin Walker's TEDx talk about how she uses Clean Language with groups.

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Clean Learning Teleseminar

28 October 2014, 8pm to 9pm GMT
With Marian Way

East Yorkshire Clean Practice Group

6 November 2014, 7pm to 9pm
Beverley, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
With Tamsin Hartley

London Clean Modelling Group

12 November 2014, 7pm to 9pm
Helios Foundation, London, United Kingdom
With Stuart Clark, Lucy Walker

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From the blog

A New Online Practice Group

Published 24 September, 2014 by Marian Way

If you're some distance away from a physical practice group, you can now join our new Online Practice Group which will explore a different topic each month.

And what would you like to know before we begin?

Published 9 September, 2014 by Marian Way

I've been working with Caitlin for some years now. To start with, we were working together to produce her training manuals and I noticed that every single manual we produced had a section called, “Before You Begin”, which talked about setting expectations for the course and thinking about how to get the most from it. I really liked this idea, so much so that I created a “Before You Begin” section in my own book. This year, though, I have spent a lot of time training alongside Caitlin and have found the idea even more powerful in practice...

On Metaphor

Published 5 September, 2014 by Marian Way

“Metaphor, that’s how the whole fabric of mental interconnections holds together. Metaphor is right at the bottom of being alive.” ~ Gregory Bateson. This is my favourite from this collection of 25 quotes about metaphor…

What our customers say

"I’m a reasonably experienced business coach with some high profile clients, and with the tools I had at my disposal prior to Clean I was successful and my clients got good results. However, I’ve started using Clean very quickly after the programme and it’s taken my coaching and results onto another level. "
Michael O' Flaherty
Clean for Teams, Part 2: The Core Skills of Systemic Modelling

"Marian Way has a wonderful way of facilitating workshops, to allow everyone to contribute to the pace and dynamics of the learning… as we do when using ‘Clean’ with our clients. Inspirational."
Lisa Sturge Coach
Marian Way

"A fantastic resolution occured around my work with metaphor. It seemed to evolve around the work I have done with you so far. In short, I had a stuck moment and then into my awareness came a metaphor to resolve the issue. I was able to move the metaphor forward and develop the picture in order to resolve the stucknessof the situation. It was great!!! To work in this format exclusively has been such a wonderful release and a journey of discovery."
Clean Coaching